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With the Fixturlaser NXA Ultimate you have covered any kind of angle that needs to be covered of your machinery. It includes shaft alignment applications as well as geometric applications, hence, as the name says, it is an ultimate measurement tool.

Ultimate Measurement Tool for Optimal Operation Conditions

With a mix of shaft alignment and geometry applications, you are safeguarding your machinery’s operation condition. Regular maintenance checks or installations of new machinery, you have what you need in the Fixturlaser NXA Ultimate. 

Machine foundations need to be checked for any flatness faults, before the machine is actually installed, hence the flatness application. And once installed, the machine’s alignment status must be measured. With everything verified to be perfectly aligned, you can also ensure the machinery’s optimal operation conditions.

Shaft Alignment  

The Fixturlaser NXA Ultimate comes with technology enabling functions and capabilities, which in many cases are industry firsts, for example:

  • CCD detectors with ultra high definition resolution.
  • New sensor units with Bluetooth incorporated are the industry’s most compact, yet, they feature a 30 mm detector surface and line lasers.
  • The OmniView feature keeps track of the position of both the user and the  machine to show the screen display from the user’s perspective, thanks to the built-in gyroscope (6-axis MEMS Inertial Motion Sensor) in the display unit.  
    OMNIVIEW – Shows the screen from the user's perspective
  • Ability to keep track of the position of the sensors in both the vertical and horizontal orientation, and any inclination inbetween, when performing a shaft alignment, thanks to the built-in gyroscope in the sensor units. Hence, you are then able to perform a shaft alignment on vertically mounted machines where it is not possible to do a 180° shaft rotation.
  • Excellent power management – 10 hours on one charge.

Geometric Measurements  

Fixturlaser’s laser based geometry system is characterized by its user friendliness and versatility, such as:  

  • The graphic user interface is intuitive and 3D animated, with icons and color coded symbols to guide you throughout the measurement and alignment process.
  • Live values during measurement and simultaneous live adjustment, in both vertical and horizontal orientation (X and Y values), during the adjustment process.
  • Measurement results in micron resolution. 
  • Post-measurement evaluation means that you can process saved measurement results in order to choose the best reference. This will result in as few corrections as possible.

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