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  • Brand: ACOEM GROUP
  • Product Code: WLS-BE6545
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Bearing health checker

Packing in ONEPROD’s 30+ years of experience in the monitoring of rotating machinery, the patented wireless Bearing Defender gives instantaneous advice on a bearing health. Accessible to all mechanics, it provides a quick leverage of improvement of a reliability program.

Innovative wireless measurement

  • Patented Wireless vibration measurement (US 9,921,136)
  • Good for bearing fault detection with up to 15kHz bandwidth at +/- 3dB
  • Good for most industrial machine with +/-80g dynamics
  • Allows for the wireless measurement of inaccessible machines (enclosed room, behind doors…)
  • Rechargeable battery good for 8h of measurement activity

Smart 3d indicators

  • Bearing defect indicator                              
  • Unbalance or Misalignment indicator
  • Miscellaneous fault indicator

Easy to use

The Bearing Defender has been designed to put bearing health assessment at the grasp of every mechanics. By simple selection of the machine speed range, power range and type of mounting, the Bearing Defender tells the user if he most likely in presence of a bearing defect, unbalance or misalignment problem, or something else. Thanks to its visual icon based interfaces and color codes, any worldwide user can handle the Bearing Defender without prior training.

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