Sonic Belt Tension Meter for Pulleys

Sonic Belt Tension Meter for Pulleys


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Unlike the force deflection method which involves applying force to the belt, the Gates Sonic Tension Meter measures belt tension by analyzing the harmonic characteristics of a vibrating belt.  Belts, like strings,vibrate at a particular natural frequency based on mass and span length.

The Sonic Tension Meter can easily be operated by one person for fast, accurate readings on all types of synchronous belt drive systems and V-belt drives. Simply enter belt mass constant, belt width and span length* into the meter using the built-in keypad. Next,hold the meter sensor just above the belt and lightly strum belt to make it vibrate.  Press “measure” button to obtain the reading as a frequency (as hertz) or as a force (pounds or newtons).

Sonic Belt Tension Meter for Pulleys

- Consistent, accurate tension readings every time

- Compact and light

- Easy to use

- LCD screen with black light

- Output readings measurable in hertz, pounds or newtons

- Improved frequency range from 10 – 5000 hertz

- 20 memory registers for belt constants

- Gates product number 7420-0507

- This device works on any type of synchronous belt drive system, including V-belt drives.

Anyone can operate the Sonic Belt Tension Meter by inputting the belt width and length, and then holding the sensor near the belt to measure its vibration.

It can measure a frequency range of anywhere from 10-5000 hertz, and has 20 memory registers for belt constants. To make things simple, it has a clear LCD display screen with a black light.

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