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This course will prepare you for life as an Infrared Thermographer. You will learn the fundamentals of infrared energy and the camera, and you will learn about the most common applications.

หลักสูตร IRTCAT-I ISO Category I set you up for success.

The good news is you are in the right place to get further information about our thermography category I training. Infrared Thermography is far more complex than most people realize. It is a classic case of people not knowing what they don’t know. Learn the Mobius way; through our unique animations and simulators. Our training will make all the complex science easy to understand – it will all become second nature.

Once you complete the training, you can take the exam with confidence, and become certified to ISO 18436-7 Category I via the internationally respected Mobius Institute Board of Certification [MIBoC]™. The MIBoC certification is accredited to ISO/IEC 17024 – there is no higher standard. You will join thousands of other Mobius™ certified analysts around the world.

IRTCAT-I Fast Facts


        • 32 hours, typically over four days


        • Live public course
        • Private On-site course
        • Virtual live instructor-led course
        • Self-paced distance learning online course


        • Training: ISO 18436-7
        • Certification: ISO 18436-7, ISO/IEC 17024


        • Two-hours
        • 50 multiple-choice questions
        • 75% passing grade
        • Can be taken online or in-person at the course

Certification requirements:

    • Training course completed
    • 12-months of work experience, verified by an independent person
    • Pass the exam
    • Pass the Ishihara color perception test
    • Valid for 5 years


    • Access to the “Learning Zone” upon registration and payment
    • Complete set of videos covering every topic
    • An excellent way to be prepared and get the most from the course


    • Continue to access the Learning zone for 4-months after the course completion or upgrade for a lifetime with Life Long Learning (LLL).
    • Continue learning for free on Mobius CONNECT® via www.mobiusconnect.com
      with online forums, webinars, tutorials, etc.

FREE DEMO: See a preview of the IRTCAT-I course. Included is segments from our instructional videos and a chapter from our comprehensive IRTCAT-I manual. You can access the training demo with your student credentials or create a new account using this link – IRTCAT-I Course Demonstration Link.


Learn the Mobius Way

  With the assistance of the Mobius Institute interactive simulations, 3D animations, and a wealth of case studies, you will not require a great memory to learn all the facts and concepts. As a result, you will understand the ‘science’ of infrared thermography. You will understand how the camera functions and learn about plant equipment’s mechanical and electrical failure modes so that you can accurately and confidently detect and diagnose a wide range of fault conditions. You will come away from the course with the knowledge and confidence to be successful as an infrared thermographer.

This course is intended for the thermographer who will:
        • Set up and operate thermal imaging equipment for safe thermographic data collection
        • Verify the calibration of thermographic measurement systems
        • Identify, prevent, minimize, and control poor data acquisition and error sources
        • Apply a specified thermographic measurement technique
        • Evaluate and report test results and highlight areas of concern
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