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Calibration and Verification Services

Calibration and Verification Services

Instrument, tool and meter calibration is extremely important. It ensure that your tester is generating correct, safe and accurate results that are within your instrument’s specifications. That’s exactly why our calibration services are of the highest standard. We strive to make sure that every calibration is carried to defined standards and is done quickly, efficiently and accurately.

Working form our on-site calibration lab, our team of experienced technicians are able to perform a comprehensive calibration service on instrument. Using a range of high accuracy testing tools, our team will match your device or tool to set standards, adjusting any discrepancies to reflect your tester’s measurement specifications.

  • Vibration tool
  • Alignment tool
  • Balance tool
  • Oil test kit
  • Ultrasonic tester
  • Infrared camera
  • NDT tester