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Advisor service

Acoem Advisor Remote Diagnostic offering

In this post-COVID period, it is more important than ever to remain connected to the condition of your machines.

Do you need to restart your production quickly, against the backdrop of social distancing, budgetary constraints and scarcity of resources which do not allow you to maintain the continuity of your operations?

Acoem Advisor is a remote vibration analysis solution which is accessible thanks to the simplicity of its deployment and its zero investment formula. This solution makes it possible for you to overcome the inherent barriers in classical reliability programs. You are thus able to immediately restart the monitoring of your rotary machines in order to protect the security and performance of your installations.

Our experts are connected, they are only one click away and they are at your disposal to provide you with actionable recommendations within 8 working hours when you need them.

Advisor services


Operational within 24 hours

That is the time you will need to start a program. Thanks to the ease of deployment of wireless solutions for Advisor Live, or thanks to new intuitive applications of Advisor On Demand boosted by the built-in AI, measure your first results within 24 hours!

Expert advice within 8 hours

Thanks to its connected and secure architecture, our experts provide you with a diagnosis and actionable recommendations within 8 working hours when you need them.

Zero initial investment

Acoem Advisor is your new reliability subscription which will help you to improve the performance of your site beginning from the first measurements. Furthermore, with Advisor On Demand, you are provided with a rugged industrial tablet!

Benefits of the ACOEM Advisor program

  • Immediate start: solutions that can be deployed immediately without computing barriers and accessible through intuitive interfaces
  • Zero investment: a monthly service offering providing measurable results for rapid ROI
  • Responsiveness: connected Acoem Advisor experts are at your disposal when you need them and they provide feedback within 8 working hours in order to guarantee the availability of your equipment


  • Any industrialist encountering post-COVID difficulties and desiring to guarantee the performance of its site by improving the reliability of its rotary machines
  • Any industrialist which does not yet have a reliability program in place due to the limited number of critical equipment and/or availability of qualified personnel
  • Any industrialist wishing to improve its autonomy and receive information about the condition of its equipment quickly and especially when needed, while remaining in control of its budget.
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