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Diesel performance

Performance and Efficiency Monitoring

Performance Monitoring

Sea-going vessels require large amounts of fuel to operate. Therefore diesel engine performance is paramount to a ships owner’s bottom line. Most marine diesel engines operate on lower-quality fuels that can cause ignition delays and incomplete combustion. CMT's Diesel Performance Analysers can provide early detection of worn or damaged engine components such as piston ring leakage, burnt piston crown, exhaust valve leakage and much more. It also ensures that the engine is well balanced and the injection timing is correct. 

An optional feature is an acoustic emission sensor that measures fuel injection without penetrating the fuel system. This option delivers enhanced engine performance by utilizing some of the latest technological innovations designed specifically for marine engines.

Your benefits when using a Diesel Performance Analyser are:

  • Reduced fuel consumption

  • Well balanced engine

  • Correct ignition timing

  • Overload protection

  • Improved maintenance

  • Reduced spare parts

  • Reduced emissions

CMT does provide five different systems all with the same high accuracy:

  • Peak Pressure Indicator: Easy, simple and efficient tool to measure peak pressure.

  • Premet M: Modern economic and easy to use device with all features needed.

  • Premet X: Ultra accurate device with a large colour display and advanced connectivity.

  • Premet Online – Single Sensor: Similar to the PREMET X functionality but permanently wired up always ready to take a measurement.

  • Premet Online - 24/7 Multi Sensor: Measures continuously the performance of the main engine so will not miss any problem.

Efficiency Monitoring

Recording the fuel performance is important to run a sea-going vessel efficiently. With the rising prices of fuel and the ecological awareness it gets more important to monitor the fuel consumption. Especially large ships require large amount of fuel and it is necessary to monitor the fuel consumption to guarantee an efficient performance as well as to obey the new EU guide lines for CO2 reporting. CMT offers an easy way to monitor the performance based on the actual use of fuel on given distances. The system can not only monitor the engine performance, but also the whole ships efficiency which includes propeller and hull.

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