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2 Rail Magnet Mounting Base 1/4-28 – MH115-2A

Original price was: ฿16,200.00.Current price is: ฿12,150.00.

[MH115-2A] CTC Multipurpose 2 Rail Magnet Mounting Base
with 1/4-28 Blind Tapped Hole, 95 lbs.
(43 kg) Pull Strength, 1.85 in. (46.99 mm) OD,
1.08 in. (27.43 mm) Height

Product Features

        • Durable 303 Stainless Steel case and mounting hole
        • High strength Neodymium Iron Boron magnet optimizes pull strength and performance
        • 2 rail mounting system allows measurements on flat and curved surfaces


       The MAGNET MOUNTING BASE is a device that uses a magnet to attach objects or other equipment to a metal surface without the need for screws, bolts, or other mechanical fasteners. The advantage of the magnetic mounting base is the convenience and speed of installation and removal, as well as the ease of adjusting the position as needed.


          1. Electrical Equipment Mounting: Used to install various electrical devices such as CCTV cameras, LED lights, and sensors on metal surfaces like steel or aluminum.
          2. Welding Work: In metal welding, magnetic mounting bases can be used to hold workpieces securely in the desired position without mechanical clamps.
          3. Industrial Applications: Used to hold workpieces or tools in industrial tasks, such as on conveyor belts or for installing equipment in factories.
          4. Decoration and Exhibits: Used to mount signs or decorative materials on metal surfaces in exhibitions or for decorating spaces.

    How to use :  MAGNET MOUNTING BASE

          1.  Select the Position: Choose the metal surface where you want to mount the device. Ensure the surface is smooth and free of dirt or oil.
          2. Install the Magnetic Base: Place the magnetic base on the desired metal surface. The magnet will adhere to the surface immediately.
          3. Mount the Equipment: Attach the equipment or workpiece to the magnetic base.
          4. Adjust the Position: If you need to adjust the position, you can easily slide the magnetic base to the new desired position without removing it.
          5. Check Stability: Verify the stability of the attachment to ensure it is secure. If necessary, adjust the position or the magnetic holding force as needed.


        • Surface Cleanliness: The surface where the attachment is made should be clean and smooth to ensure the magnetic base works efficiently.
        • Weight: Check the weight of the installed equipment to ensure it complies with the specifications of the magnetic mounting base.
        • Suitable Environment: Some magnetic mounting bases may not be suitable for use in environments with high humidity or high temperatures.

    Using the MAGNET MOUNTING BASE is a convenient and efficient option for installing various equipment without relying on traditional fasteners, which may damage the surface or take longer to install and remove.

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