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Portable analyzer

Vibration Portable analyzer

Falcon : ESSENTIAL is a vibration tool that is easy to use and has applications to help it work.

Falcom : SMART is a tool that has a wireless vibration sensor and AI system that helps to make measurements easier, faster and more accurate.

Falcon : EXPERT is a vibration engine with AI-assisted vibration analysis and can  measurement of vibration in analog channels for synchronous measurement, in addition to the trigger input

Falcon : Ultimate is a vibration engine with AI assisted collecting. Troubleshooting includes wireless sensors and Balance applications, FRF/ODS module and Run-up Coast Down module.

Bearing Defender It takes only 10 seconds to collect, process and display the measured values in all three axes. The bearing’s full vibration readings are further shown on the information page.

Vibration analyzer MD : It is an automatic vibration analysis tool. Data is delivered to your tablet in seconds with Acoem’s proprietary AI, delivering fast, relevant results.

SMC : Able to check the condition of the rotary shaft machine as needed within a few minutes, both Vibration and Balance

Vibration Camera Motion Detector

Live Motion Amplification®
Calibrated Displacement Measurements
Frequency Based Filtering
Advanced Troubleshooting

Motion Amplification®
Up to 1400 FPS in HD Resolution
Calibrated Displacement Measurements
Available as an Add On

Live Motion Amplification®
Multiple Synchronized CamerasContinuous Monitoring
Event and Threshold Triggering

Wireless Vibration Sensor

Vibration Sensor Eagle :Vibration measuring instrument Used for measuring Vibration values wirelessly and transmitting data online via LAN / WiFi / 4G.

Vibration Sensor Sparrow :The smallest vibration measuring instrument in the vibration market Used for wireless measurement of Vibration.

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