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Partial Discharges

Electrical Inspection

Detect Partial Discharges and Increase Operational Reliability with Ultrasonic Testing Devices

Used in combination with ultrasonic testing device SONAPHONE, the parabolic dish SONOSPOT detects damages that are difficult to reach or further away e.g on transmission and distribution lines. The high sensitivity and the precise directionality of the sensor allows detection of electrical partial discharges and damage at electrical insulations on e.g. medium-voltage equipment or switchgears. PD activity increases over time and can lead to progressive and irreversible damage in insulation systems.

Regular inspection of equipment is essential for preventative maintenance. The SONAPHONE can be used to detect and distinguish stages of corona, tracking and arcing, for high, medium and low voltage applications, to inspect open or closed electrical systems, to inspect switching cabinets, control boxes, relays, transformers, insulators, etc.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Reduce costs of repairs

  • Reliable energy supply

  • Long-term operational sustainability

  • Operating safety

The SONAPHONE range of devices are used in a large variety of industries. The extensive software and accessories available enable these devices to be used for a multitude of applications. Ultrasound data, including levels, spectra, and audio can be recorded during individual or series of tests. All data can then be transferred from the device to a computer and presented through the DataViewer and SONAPHONE DataSuite software, for further trending and analysis.

Electrical Inspection With Our Digital Ultrasonic Testing Device Sonaphone

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