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BT20 Insertion Thermometer

BT20 Insertion Thermometer

Quick temperature control – seductively easy

BT20 Insertion Thermometer

The long, slim, stainless steel measuring tip and the wide measuring range from -40 °C to +250 °C make this practical insertion thermometer ideal for a variety of measuring applications in gastronomy, trade, craft and industry, as well as in laboratories and for hobby enthusiasts.

The plastic housing of the BT20 can be cleaned easily and is fitted with both a rubber, soft-touch, protective cover for exceptional grip and also a splash guard.

From preparing meat on the barbecue to preparing materials for construction – the BT20 lets you quickly and easily measure the temperature of water, oils and other liquids, gases, powders, bulk materials or plastics.

For example, monitor the course of temperature during setting or curing, or check processing or preparation temperatures – the BT20 is even perfectly suited as a roasting thermometer for private chefs.

BT20 Penetration Thermometer

Whether it's for use in the home or whether you're a trade or craftsman - the BT20 prod thermometer in the MultiMeasure Basic Series is ideally suited for a broad spectrum of temperature measurements - and ideal for you. Simply insert and read off the temperature.