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BT40 Barbeque Thermometer

BT40 Barbeque Thermometer

Wireless temperature control for barbecue grill, frying pan and baking oven

BT40 Barbeque Thermometer

This wireless barbeque thermometer is a must-have for every ambitious hobby chef who wants to treat his guests and friends to perfectly prepared meat dishes without having to spent all his time at the stove or grill.

The easy-to-handle BT40 can be used on the grill, stove or in the oven: As soon as you insert the measuring tip in the food to be cooked, the base station connected to the temperature measuring probe starts to transmit the current temperature at frequent intervals to the mobile receiver, which indicates that the desired degree of doneness has been reached by means of an acoustic signal and change of the display colour.

Be it beef, lamb, veal, burger patties, pork, fish, turkey or chicken – eight different types of food can be preselected on the receiver with up to five cooking levels ranging from rare to well done. The respectively preset target temperatures can be modified as desired.

Stopwatch and timer functions complete the features of the BT40 barbeque thermometer, which owing to its radio range of up to 20 m is also ideally suited foe the mobile application out of doors. That way, every meal is prepared and done to wireless perfection.

BT40 Barbeque Thermometer

Barbeque Thermometer BT40

Thanks to wireless barbeque thermometer BT40 from Trotec you can control the temperature of your grilled food in the twinkling of an eye. It can also control temperature of food which is being prepared on the stove or in oven.