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The Olympus Scientific Cloud

The Olympus Scientific Cloud

The Olympus Scientific Cloud™ (OSC) is your single-source hub to enhance Olympus connected industrial devices with data management, fleet management, and other features that streamline and improve your inspection and analysis processes. Built on the Microsoft® Azure® platform, you can be confident that any data you store in the OSC is secure.

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The Olympus Scientific Cloud
The Olympus Scientific Cloud

Free Cloud-Based Features

  • Software updates: get the latest software for your Olympus connected devices as soon as it’s available and update wirelessly
  • Product support documentation library: all your support documents, including user manuals and calibration certificates, are in one easily accessible location
  • Account control: register new users to your Cloud tenant and manage their roles
  • Basic instrument fleet information: view the location of your GPS-enabled devices*
  • Free cloud storage: each tenant receives 10 GBs of free data storage in the OSC

*Not all devices supported

App Marketplace

Tasks, Simplified

Visit the Marketplace to browse free and paid-for apps designed to solve some of the most pressing inspection and analysis pain points. New apps are continuously being developed for all our connected industrial devices to meet your evolving needs.

The Olympus Scientific Cloud
The Olympus Scientific Cloud

My Organization

Full Account Control

The OSC puts you in charge of your fleet of inspection and analytical devices. Take advantage of the account and member control features to efficiently manage your personnel, data, and app subscriptions.

  • Optimize device settings remotely for increased efficiency*
  • Easily add new users and control their privileges and roles
  • Define access to subscribed apps based on the needs of your organization
  • View your free and paid app subscriptions in one convenient dashboard
  • Manage and upgrade your Cloud data storage

*Not all devices supported

My Devices

All Your Device Info in One Place

The My Devices section of the OSC is where you register new devices to your tenant and view your previously registered devices. This section also serves as a resource where you can easily find critical documentation associated with your instruments, including calibration certificates and user manuals.

The Olympus Scientific Cloud
The Olympus Scientific Cloud

Data Storage

Your Data—When and Where You Need It

The Cloud enables you to get your data in front of the people who need to see it quickly and easily. Every OSC tenant receives 10 GBs of free storage. You can upload any file you want, and your data is available anywhere you have a wireless connection and is easily sharable. If you run out of free data, you can easily add more by subscribing to a higher tier of service.

You can be confident that whatever data you store on the OSC is protected by leading-edge security features and supported by the Microsoft Azure platform. You own whatever data you store in the Cloud—Olympus does not access or share your information.

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The Olympus Scientific Cloud


The Vanta™ handheld XRF analyzer series are our newest and most powerful handheld XRF devices, delivering rapid, accurate element analysis for customers who demand laboratory-quality results in the field. The analyzers are built tough, with an IP55 or IP54 rating, and drop tested for greater uptime and a lower cost of ownership.

The Olympus Scientific Cloud


The EPOCH 6LT portable ultrasonic flaw detector is optimized for one-handed operation and delivers excellent performance in rope access and high-portability applications. Lightweight with an ergonomic design, the instrument fits securely in a user’s hand or can be strapped to the leg for rope access applications.

The Olympus Scientific Cloud


The 38DL PLUS is an advanced ultrasonic thickness gauge. Uses dual element transducer for internal corrosion applications, and has features that include THRU-COAT technology and echo-to-echo. Uses single element transducers for very precise thickness measurements of thin, very thick, or multilayer materials.