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Transducers and Probes

Transducers and Probes

Olympus NDT probes and transducers are high-quality inspection equipment available in a range of frequencies, configurations, connection styles, and cable types. All our probes and transducers are lightweight but solidly constructed. Olympus’ experience in designing and manufacturing NDT probes and transducers enables us to offer equipment that exceeds many global inspection requirements. We offer a range of transducers for flaw detection, thickness gauging, and material research. Additionally, Olympus offers design services and can provide custom probe solutions to meet application needs.

Ultrasonic and Eddy Current Probes

Transducers and Probes

Ultrasonic Transducers

Ultrasonic transducers are used for applications as diverse as flaw detection, thickness gaging, materials research and medical diagnostics. More than 5000 ultrasonic transducer types come in many styles, element diameters, frequencies, and connector styles.

Transducers and Probes

Eddy Current Probes

Eddy current probes consist of the acquired brands of Nortec and NDT Engineering. We offer more than 10,000 standard and custom designed eddy current probes, standard references, and accessories.

Transducers and Probes

Probes for Tube Inspection

Probes for tube inspection are lightweight but solidly constructed eddy current, remote field, magnetic flux leakage, and IRIS ultrasound. These probes are used for ferromagnetic or non-ferromagnetic tube inspection applications.

Transducers and Probes

Phased Array Probes

Phased array application-specific probes have a range from 0.5 MHz to 18 MHz and may come with 16, 32, 64, or 128 elements. Special probes may have up to hundreds of elements.

Transducers and Probes

BondMaster Probes

BondMaster probes include a wide variety of versatile probes such as pitch-catch, MIA (mechanical impedance analysis), and resonance probes.

Transducers and Probes

Eddy Current Array Probes

Eddy Current Array probes are for corrosion detection, friction stir weld inspection, and surface and sub-surface detection accelerate the inspection process.

NDT Probes FAQ

What is an eddy current probe?

Eddy current probes are a type of nondestructive testing tool. An alternating current flows through a wire coil in the eddy current probe to generate an oscillating magnetic field. When used on a conductive material, like a metal part, a circular flow of electrons moves through the metal. This, in turn, generates its own magnetic field, which interacts with the coil in the probe. An eddy current flaw detector interprets these signals to help inspectors identify potential flaws or defects.

What is a transducer used for?

Transducers are used to convert electrical signals into ultrasound. They send high-frequency sound into a test piece and then receive the echoes. This information is communicated to a flaw detector that converts the signals into information an inspector can use to help detect flaws.

How does a transducer work?

An ultrasonic transducer converts a pulse of electrical energy from the flaw detector into mechanical energy in the form of sound waves that travel through the part being inspected. The sound waves returning from the part are converted by the transducer into a pulse of electrical energy that can be processed and displayed by the flaw detector. The transducer essentially acts like a speaker and microphone, generating and receiving pulses of sound waves at frequencies much higher than the range of human hearing.