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AC Premium – Biaxial

AC Premium – Biaxial Accelerometers

Our Premium AC Biaxial Accelerometers come with various mounting methods, making them perfect for use in a range of applications in companies around the world. 100mV/g Industrial Accelerometers, such as the top exit Biaxial ranges below, are used to measure and monitor equipment for multiple industries.

Bi and Triaxial accelerometers reduce costs and improve sensitivity while being a more convenient alternative to single-axis variations. For more information on top exit Biaxial accelerometers, click here to get in touch and speak to a member of our experienced team.

HS-172R Series

Round Biaxial, M12 Connector, compact 100mV/g Industrial Accelerometers

  • Round design
  • Fast settling times 1 sec
  • Compact
  • Sealed to IP67
  • Various mountings