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Predictive maintenance software

Connect your digital factory with Nest i4.0 software suite to harness the power of Acoem’s Accurex™ Artificial Intelligence (AI) and create a fully integrated predictive maintenance ecosystem. The only predictive maintenance software you will ever need, NESTi4.0 works seamlessly with two of Acoem’s signature vibration measurement solutions — the Falcon portable analyser and the Eagle wireless sensor for precise vibration measurement data and automatic diagnostics.

Easy access to Big Data

NESTi4.0 protects the health and longevity of any rotating asset, guiding you through your daily tasks with intuitive software architecture and customised interface. Take your diagnostic capabilities to a whole new level with full connectivity, improved performance, better management of risk and greater flexibility.

NESTi4.0 is the next generation of monitoring software, designed to allow you to leverage the best Industry 4.0 has to offer through accessible, easy and intuitive solutions driven by AI.

Whether you are a novice or a technical expert, NESTi4.0 puts accurate vibration analysis and condition monitoring within everyone’s reach.

NESTi4.0 Predictive maintenance software
NESTi4.0 Predictive maintenance software

Innovation at your fingertips

NESTi4.0’s AI diagnostic matrix will change the way you manage the maintenance of your critical machinery. This user-friendly tool provides instantaneous results – outlining where the problem lies, which machine is affected and what the actual fault is – all in real time. Understand the health and efficiency of your entire network in a single screen, receive the data you need to make immediate, informed decisions and take action on maintenance priorities without delay.

The matrix is easily and automatically populated from measurement data captured from either the Falcon portable analyser or the wireless Eagle. So whether users want to understand the resonance of a motor, detect a bearing defect or prevent gearbox damage, the combination of a Falcon analyzer or Eagle sensor with superior diagnostics from Accurex™ guarantees a holistic and actionable solution.

Connectivity across all operations

Communicate precise data in real time with full connectivity and easy integration with existing data servers including OPC UA or by automatic export in CSV format. Configuration includes “TAG” fields which can be used to help connect with other third-party big data systems such as CMMS, ERP, SCADA, etc. Not only will NESTi4.0 lessen the risk of unexpected machine failures, but it will also keep your production schedule consistent between work areas and allow your Maintenance team to correlate its information with Operations data.

In this era of total connectivity, Nest provides one open and automated platform that ensures streamlined performance.

NESTi4.0 Predictive maintenance software
NESTi4.0 Predictive maintenance software

Intuitive machine builder

The machine setup module allows any maintenance operator to easily set up vibration measurements. The machine is described in a very easy way using a simple drag and drop tool. By entering kinematic information (power, rotation speed, and so on) about the machine, the configuration to be used with the FALCON portable data collector or EAGLE wireless sensor automatic diagnosis system can be generated automatically. For any other machine, the only additional step required is to select one of the measurement point templates supplied with the device. Hundreds of diagnostic parameters are created in no time, providing an efficient and reliable monitoring of all critical assets. No vibration engineering skills are required.

Enhance productivity and reporting

NESTi4.0 lets you take advantage of shared insights and data to improve performance and efficiency across your business.

Reporting on maintenance schedules and issues has always been a labour-intensive exercise, but NESTi4.0 removes that burden. The diagnostic matrix automatically generates up-to-date management reports effortlessly with one click.  Reports can be manually edited or simply emailed via any connected device, no matter your location. The simplicity of NESTi4.0’s operation ensures greater accuracy and consistency of information while saving your business time and improving overall productivity.

Condition monitoring experts can also tailor individual diagnostics as required and use previous diagnostic data to improve Accurex™ automatic diagnostic’s capabilities, reducing the time spent on your machinery’s periodic analysis by upwards of 30%.

NESTi4.0 Predictive maintenance software