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ACOEM SMC ( Smart Machine Checker )

Automatic diagnosis of machine faults

Like no other, the  SMC ( Smart Machine Checker ) is a portable, machinery diagnostic tool that allows mechanics and maintenance technicians to check the health of any rotating machine, as needed, in a matter of minutes.

It requires no special training or certification and generates straightforward, simple machine diagnostic reports with both confidence and severity levels.


Fast, accurate machinery diagnostics in 3 simple steps

  • Select the machine you want to diagnose from the device.

  • Take readings at each of the automatically designated points.

  • View the machine diagnostic report to learn what is wrong and what you need to fix.

The Acoem SMC  is also available as EX system, Acoem SMC EX EX – ATEX Zone II 3 G Ex ic IIC T4Gc (ZONE II Industry where explosive atmosphere, consisting of a mixture of air and combustible material in the form of gases, smoke or fog, is likely to be formed sometimes during normal operation. Mines excluded.) It has the same performance and capabilities as the Acoem SMC.

Accurex™ – Automatic machine diagnosis

Acoem SMC unique automatic machine diagnostic Accurex ™ is built into the Acoem SMC. The innovative machine diagnostics feature provides unbeatable fast, relevant and reliable results for a wide range of machine problems such as unbalance, alignment errors, cavitation, structural resonances, bearing problems, and more. Acoem SMC machine diagnostic function differs from all other systems.

Built-in Stroboscope

The built-in stroboscope makes it easy to pinpoint the RPM which is crucial for securing an accurate diagnosis.

Built-in camera

For easy machine identification, sensor positioning, and report illustration

Three-axis wireless sensor

The Acoem SMC wireless tri-axial sensor will take readings in the vertical, horizontal, and axial direction simultaneously making the measurement process fast and easy.

Built-in laser pyrometer

The Acoem SMC has a built-in laser pyrometer that makes it easy to take the temperature of your machine to verify your diagnosis.

Acoem SMC Balancing KIT (Accessories)

The Acoem SMC Balancing is a powerful balancing tool; smart and easy to use. Acoem SMC Balancer guides the user throughout the process and automates all calculations. The user is led through the user-friendly visual interface to define the machine, configure the speed counter, and select test weights. Following the measurement procedure, the balancing instrument presents the correct correction weights.

Limited lifetime warranty

Acoem SMC, SMC EX, SMC Balancing Kit, SMC Balancing Kit EX have a limited lifetime warranty. For more information, contact your local dealer!