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Ovality Sensor

Ovality Sensor


Excessive Kiln Ovality is one of the main reasons for unsatisfactory refractory life. Especially, the tire sections are likely to be troublesome areas. The Ovality measurements provide quantifiable information about the stresses induced into the refractory and kiln shell. Thus, fact based decisions can be made for the required, planned maintenance activities leading to increased lifetime not only of the refractory but also kiln components. The Ovality Sensor is compact, easy to install and use, and comes in a rugged carrying case.

Ovality Sensor

Measuring Principle

The Ovality Sensor consists of a Deflection Plate, which will be attached with heat resistant magnets to the kiln shell close to a tire. Due to the strong magnetic connection, the deflection in the Deflection Plate follows the deflection of the kiln shell below. Strain gauges are measuring the deflection in the Deflection Plate. The electronic converter is amplifying and conditioning the signals from the strain gauges and sending them together with the values of the angle position sensor via Bluetooth connection to a laptop.

The software TomTom-Tools Measurement Studio (for Windows), which comes together with the measurement tool is made to receive, store and process the values from the Ovality Sensor.

During the measurement, the values are displayed and calculated directly in real time.

There are different display, zoom and report printing options available.