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Rotary Inclinometer

Rotary Inclinometer


Excessive Kiln Ovality is one of the main reasons for unsatisfactory refractory life. Especially, the tire sections are likely to be troublesome areas. The Ovality measurements provide quantifiable information about the stresses induced into the refractory and kiln shell. Thus, fact based decisions can be made for the required, planned maintenance activities leading to increased lifetime not only of the refractory but also kiln components. The Ovality Sensor is compact, easy to install and use, and comes in a rugged carrying case.

Rotary Inclinometer

Measuring Principle

The Inclinometer has to be attached on an axial surface of the rotating part, whose axle inclination needs to be measured (e.g. Girth Gear, Pinion, Kiln Tire, Kiln Roller). A high accurate inclination sensor, which is ingrate in the Inclinometer sends continuously values about its angle in respect to the gravity via Bluetooth connection to a Laptop PC.

These high numbers of relative inclination values, which are taken during one or more revolutions, appear as a wave curve on the screen. The software fits a sine curve into the graph of the measured values and calculates the mean angle value. The inclination of the axis is equivalent to the fitted mean value of all these points and is calculated and displayed continuously during the measurement.