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Thrust Load Meter

Thrust Load Meter


The Thrust Load Meter is part of the new MKM System 2 and is used to monitor the axial load on support rollers on rotary kilns or dryers. It helps to easily identify axially high loaded rollers and to counteract timely with adequate adjustment, the so-called roller skewing.
The Thrust Load Meter is an ultra-precise inclinometer which is made specially for large bearing housings as on rotary kilns. The sensor can be simply attached via magnets or bolted to the outside of the bearing housing without the need to open it. The output signal can be connected easily to the plant control system for continuous trending of the readings.

Measuring Principle

The axial load, the thrust load, coming from the kiln tires needs to be absorbed by the bearings of the support rollers. The axial load slightly deforms the bearing housing and tilts them to the side. This movement is very small, yet a reliable indicator to measure the thrust. Comparing the different rollers, helps to adjust the skewing properly, by sharing the load among all the support rollers evenly.