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Digital Ultrasonic Testing Device for Preventive Maintenance

In the age of Industry 4.0 the optimizing processes, increasing operational safety, and improving energy efficiency are becoming more and more significant. Meet the challenges of Maintenance 4.0 with the new SONAPHONE from SONOTEC. The digital ultrasonic testing device combines innovative sensors and software for preventive maintenance that can be operated intuitively and paves the way for new processes for new applications.

Advantages at a Glance

This ensures all major aspects of pulley misalignment are resolved. This belt alignment tool is so easy to use, a single operator can perform the pulley or belt alignment task in minutes with no training! Comes in its own durable carrying case.

  • Intuitive Web and App Concept
  • Optional modular PC software platform for Measurement point organization | Route planning Trend analysis | documentation
  • Bundle important information about the measuring point
  • Broadband ultrasound analysis
  • Test reports with just a few clicks
  • 5-inch display with multi-touchscreen
  • Realizing Maintenance 4.0


  • Leak detection on compressed air systems
  • Early warning of bearing failure and lubrications
  • Steam trap testing
  • Electrical inspection
  • Tightness testing

SONAPHONE® - Digital Ultrasonic Testing Device for Preventive Maintenance


With the new SONAPHONE you can

  • Detect and classify leaks in compressed air, gas and vacuum systems and reduce your energy costs
  • Monitor the condition of your machines and determine the optimal maintenance time
  • Identify leaks in windows, doors, vehicles, components and containers and ensure compliance with specified quality requirements
  • Find electrical partial discharges and insulation damage and increase your operational safety
  • Assess the function of steam traps and prevent energy and steam loss and damage to the steam system

Broadband ultrasonic analysis

  • Frequency range from 20 to 100 kHz

Software that is intuitive to operate

  • Apps accompany you through the entire testing process; from planning, testing and documentation to analysis
  • SONAPHONE can be operated intuitively like a tablet via 5-inch display with multi-touchscreen
  • Reduce Paper records, which are error-prone and above all time-consuming

Bundling relevant information

  • Apps bundle all information relevant to maintenance - always have an overview of the condition of your machines and systems
  • Record spectrograms, time signals, sound files and levels
  • Add photos, text comments and voice memos

Test reports with a few clicks

  • Create a professional report as a PDF and save time
  • Evaluate test data on the PC with SONAPHONE DataSuite

Ultrasound Inspection

Inspection with an ultrasound detector (Ultrasound Inspection)

Before getting to know the instrument, you must first know what ultrasound
is ? Ultrasound waves are sound waves with frequencies above the range that can be heard by humans. which is a high frequency sound wave but low power short wavelength They tend to move in a straight line and are easily absorbed by energy. And there are 3 causes of ultrasound waves in factories: Friction, Impact and Turbulence. (Turbulence).

Inspection with an ultrasound detector (Ultrasound Inspection)

compressed air production It’s a costly process. And the loss of compressed air as a result of leaks worsens system performance. and cause unnecessary expenses

SONAPHONE ultrasound detectors and SONOASCREEN cameras can quickly and easily detect leaks. Compatible with compressed air, inert gas and vacuum systems


การใช้งานเครื่อง Sonaphone และ SonaScreen





Tool Applications To find the leak point

from the phenomenon of Turbulence Caused by leaks, our tools can detect leaks. When compressed air flows through the leak, it creates turbulence. accompanied by a high-frequency hissing sound This hissing sound can even be heard in a quiet place. But it is almost impossible to hear inside noisy factories where SONOTEC has technology that filters out unnecessary noise, making ultrasound a simpler and more efficient method of detection. Can generate reliable reports as well.