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BP21 Infrared Thermometer

BP21 Infrared Thermometer

Non-contact temperature measurement – quick and precise

BP21 Infrared Thermometer

Minimum cost – maximum performance:

The BP21 impresses with first-rate performance data in this device class, e.g. with a wide temperature range, optical resolution of 12:1, degree of emission adjustable according to the specific material and with an innovative dual laser automatically visualizing the measuring spot size.

After no more than a few seconds the BP21 is ready for operation and quickly and reliably captures temperature values ranging from -35 °C to +800 °C.

The pyrometer can not only hold the current measured value, but also display maximum or minimum value, and it can be programmed with individual limit values, upon the exceedance of which an acoustic alarm signal will be emitted automatically.

The user-friendly design and comprehensive equipment features make the BP21 a versatile infrared thermometer for industrial, handicraft and hobby applications.

BP21 Pyrometer

The BP21 convinces with its first-class performance data in this device class, for example a wide temperature range (-35°C to *800°C), an optical resolution of 1:12 and the innovative dual laser, which automatically visualizes the measuring spot size depending on the measuring distance.