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Pyrometer TP7

Pyrometer TP7

Professional infrared thermometer employing multi-point laser technology

Pyrometer TP7
Pyrometer TP7
Pyrometer TP7
Pyrometer TP7

You probably have never seen an infrared thermometer such as the TP7 before, for the practice-optimised German industrial design of this professional pyrometer is a protected design patent and 100 % Trotec.

In addition to the unique exterior looks the TP7 can also score with how it looks like on the inside. A distance factor of 40:1 permits precise measuring results from afar even for small objects.

Owing to the high temperature measuring range from -50 °C to +1,000 °C and the non-contact measurement principle, the robust TP7 is ideally suited for temperature measurements at poorly accessible, hot, movable or dangerous measuring locations.

Precise measurements straight to the multi-point

As should be expected from a professional IR thermometer, the TP7 is equipped with many practice-oriented functions, for instance, it allows the material-specific adjustment of the degree of emission, the indication of the maximum value or non-stop measuring operations.

Special emphasis should be placed on the innovative multi-point laser technology of the TP7. Instead of just pointing to the measuring target by means of a single laser or outlining the size of the measuring spot via double laser, the TP7's multi-point laser combines these two technologies and allows you to capture the measuring object both easily and precisely:

Whilst one targeting laser in the centre indicates the measuring point, further eight lasers show you the boundary points encircling the measuring surface – thus permitting precise measurements in a minimum of time.

Convenient alarm indication via change of display colour

Another time-saving function of the TP7 consists of an alarm-related colour change of the display illumination. You can enter user-defined alarm thresholds for measured minimum and maximum values in the device. Falling below the set limit value, the display will be flashing in blue, exceeding it, in red. In both cases an acoustic alarm signal will be emitted in addition. 

Thanks to this intuitive colour indication you can tell from one look whether the measured temperature is within the preset target value range. Consequently, even larger areas can be measured in a timely manner without having to pay attention to each individual measured value.

Optical resolution in a nutshell:

The optical resolution (D:S) defines the ratio of measuring distance and measuring spot diameter. With increasing distance to the measuring object the measuring spot also increases. The infrared thermometer calculates an average temperature from all the temperatures in the measuring spot.

The larger the measuring spot, the less precise is the measured result. And vice versa: the higher the optical resolution of the pyrometer, the smaller the measuring spot and the more precise the measurement.

Pyrometer TP7
Pyrometer TP7

With the TP7 you'll have a professional infrared thermometer suited for manifold fields of application

Pyrometer TP7
Pyrometer TP7
Pyrometer TP7
Pyrometer TP7


  • Development, design, production: 100 % Trotec
  • Optical resolution 40:1
  • Non-contact surface temperature measurement from -50 °C to +1,000 °C
  • Multi-point laser aiming aid for simultaneous indication of measuring point and measuring spot
  • Degree of emission freely adjustable from 0.1 to 1.0
  • High/low alarms indicated by a change of display colour and an additional alarm sound
  • Backlit display
  • Automatic switch-off function
  • Practice-optimized German industrial design – protected design patent