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Pulley Pro Green


Pulley Pro Green - V Belt Alignment Tool

Get more out of your belt driven equipment with proper belt alignment using PULLEY PRO belt alignment tool.

The Pulley PRO® Green Belt Alignment Tool is light-weight, compact and durable. The unit magnetically attaches to the inside or outside face of any pulley or sprocket and has no small parts or targets that can get lost. We use our proven reflected laser beam technology for maximum angular resolution, thus providing you with the most reliable and accurate readings that no other method or belt alignment tool can match.

Patented Reflected Laser Beam Technology

Using the latest in Green laser diode technology makes our green laser line 10x’s brighter to the operator than a red laser line for better belt alignment.

The Pulley PRO® belt alignment tool can measure spans up to 15 ft. (4.6 m) or better with any size pulley, large or small. A green laser line is projected from the Pulley PRO® transmitter to the reflector mounted on the opposite pulley. A reference line on the reflector indicates offset and vertical angle misalignment immediately. The laser line is then automatically reflected back to the transmitter’s reference line to show horizontal angle misalignment.

This ensures all major aspects of pulley misalignment are resolved. This belt alignment tool is so easy to use, a single operator can perform the pulley or belt alignment task in minutes with no training! Comes in its own durable carrying case.

Pulley PRO Green Belt Alignment Tool Advantages:

  • Green is 10x’s brighter than red

  • Reduces vibration and belt noise

  • Prolongs belt and pulley life

  • Reduces down time and energy costs

  • FAST and EASY to use

  • Shows angular, parallel, and offset simultaneously

  • No training required

  • One-person operation

  • Built-in LED Flashlight

  • More accurate and efficient than any other belt alignment tool or conventional method

  • Uses proven reflected laser beam technology

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