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Floating Shaft Monitor

Floating Shaft Monitor


The Floating Shaft Monitor is used to measure and analyze the axial movement of the floating shaft in a gearbox with torque split function.

It reveals dangerous shock peaks on the gears.

For example: Flender DMG2 (Combiflex)FLS Maag LGDCMD Millrex and Wikov Side Drive are designed to drive ball mills via a girth gear. These gearboxes are equipped with a floating shaft, which is dividing the torque evenly to the two output pinions, by its axial movement. Disturbances as radial runout on the girth gear or pitch errors at the splits of the girth gear can cause excessive axial movement which is harmful for the gears.

Floating Shaft Monitor

Measuring Principle

The axial movement of the floating shaft is measured continuously by the Floating Shaft Sensor. It is an inductive distance sensor, installed in the side cover of the gear box and measures the distance to the shaft end. These distance values are analyzed in the Floating Shaft Controller which calculates the axial movement and the velocity of the shaft. The controller outputs these values as 4…20mA analog signals to be displayed and trigger alarms in the control room of the factory.