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Product Launch: New Acoustic Camera


Maintenance workflows put to another level – more efficient, more accurate.

The new acoustic camera localizes sound sources and visualizes complex acoustic information in different colours (as an acoustic photo and video). The device extends the vision to areas the eye cannot see. This is enabled by the method called beamforming where the position of sources in wave fields, such as ultrasound fields, is determined.

Thanks to the intuitive handling as well as pre-set profiles (e.g. for leak detection), even inexperienced users can correctly evaluate the results at a glance. With the highly sensitive array of 72 microphones and the IP54 protection class, it is perfectly suited for use in industrial areas. Compared to other array designs, the spiral array achieves an excellent acoustic dynamic range.

The wide frequency range, from 1 Hz to 100 kHz, allows the camera to be used in a variety of applications for the detection of sources of sound waves in the audible and ultrasonic range.

The acoustic images are shown in the high-resolution display at the extremely high frame rate of 100 fps in real time. In order to avoid rolling-shutter effects, a global shutter is implemented which allows the user to perfectly capture fast-moving objects.

The adjustable bandpass filter allows the user to focus on different frequency ranges and bandwidths based on the application and the emitted acoustic signals. Depending on what frequency the user is focusing on, he can detect sound sources up to 150 m away. Furthermore, the camera's dynamic range can be adjusted to mask out sources of interference, even in noisy industrial environments. In addition, the device provides acoustic feedback via industrial headphones. This allows maintenance personnel to listen to the measurements in addition to the visual evaluation.

PC Software & Reporting

Recorded images and videos are stored directly on the device and can be exported for reporting to a PC/laptop. The software provides parameters for subsequent processing and analysis of the measurement results. For long distance measurements or location-independent measurement, the camera can be controlled by the PC software via an ethernet connection.

One Camera for multiple applications

Detection of compressed air and vacuum system leaks

Leaks in compressed air and vacuum systems causes significant costs. Therefore, the fast repair of compressed leaks saves time and money, while also reducing CO2 emissions. By introducing the new acoustic camera SONASCREEN, SONOTEC provides another tool to its customers to meet their energy efficiency targets.  

With the help of the acoustic imager, large areas can be scanned for leaks quickly, saving time and money. Acoustic imaging has never been so easy: the pre-set leak detection profile provides a simple entry to leak detection with an acoustic camera. Multiple leaks can be pinpointed and displayed at the same time easily. The intuitive reporting is supplemented by a tool for leakage cost calculation.  

Electrical asset reliability

At high-voltage transmission lines and in substations, noticeable ultrasound signals are not uncommon and are often indicators for defects. The acoustical visualization of ultrasound allows defective components to be identified with pinpoint accuracy and without interrupting plant operation.

By using the SONASCREEN, maintenance staff can easily detect high-frequency sounds from partial discharge, such as corona, tracking or arcing. Regular ultrasonic inspections of electrical assets will help to detect partial discharges at the earliest stage and to ensure plant reliability and safety.

Features at a glance:

  • 72 sealed microphones (spiral array) for use in industrial areas
  • Real-time acoustic results at 100 fps for real time results
  • Wide frequency range: 10 Hz to 100 kHz for the detection of audible sound and ultrasound
  • Integrated data acquisition and analysis software
  • Handheld device with IP54 protection (splash proof)
  • Integrated LED lights
  • 8 configurable buttons for fast control
  • Low weight and small size