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Particle Pal Life

A world first

The NEW Particle Pal Life. Revolutionising the way oil is monitored on-site or in the laboratory.
Provides accurate real-time Oil Condition:
Particulate, Water Content & Remaining Life of Oil so you can stay ahead of potential issues and change oil only when required.

Smart just got a whole lot smarter

NEW Particle Pal Life

Filtertechnik have developed a World First with the Particle Pal Life. Building on the success of the award winning Particle Pal, this self-contained portable measuring system gives real time ISO Cleanliness Readings, Water Content and Oil Condition information for over 500 commonly used oils.

Particle Pal Life gives incredible insight into the health of your oil, in real time, helping engineers make informed choices with regards to oil replacement or treatment planning.


Oil life indication.

Over 500 oils profiled with the ability to self calibrate. Gives early warning of oil coming to the end of it's life and also helps inform if an oil change is actually required.

Particulate analysis.

4, 6, 14 & 21 micron counts displayed as ISO, NAS & SAE classes.

Software also displays the actual particle counts per ml.

Water content.

Displayed as % saturation (Relative Humidity).

NEW Software

A 10″ touch screen LCD allows users to view data in great detail. A zoom facility allows you to focus on specific results. Within the software we have embedded oil ageing profiles for over 500 oils. Also included is the ability to self calibrate an oil life profile should your oil not be on the database. This is a one time routine where oil is taken through a calibration cycle.

Case design

Lightweight and heavy duty, the outer casing is ideal for working in the field. Supplied with an accessory case containing all the equipment you need to conduct tests and self calibrate oils not on the database.

Optional yearly licence

All new Particle Pal Life units include software updates and off-site backup licence for the first year. Every 12 months thereafter there is an optional charge for annual sensor verification/ calibration, off-site backup and software updates, including all new oils profiled.

Oil life sensor

The Tan Delta Full Spectrum Holistic Oil Condition sensor monitors the overall condition of the oil giving you data with unparalleled sensitivity, accuracy and precision. This enables the oil’s remaining useful life to be calculated. The sensor works with virtually any oil, drawing on a database of over 500 common industrial oils with the ability to self calibrate.

Off-site data backup

A built in SIM card provides an option for data to be automatically transferred off-site and backed up where it can be viewed at any time. Once data is logged it can be recalled at any time to build trend history.

High pressure internal gear pump

Draw from oil stored in tanks or from sample bottles. Alternatively, the unit can analyse oils from pressurised systems via a high pressure adaptor, allowing connection to live systems up to 350 Bar.

Battery life

Complete with a rechargeable battery, giving 3-6 hours of continual use (depending on oil viscosity).

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