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The workers in the construction site

Cement Industrial work

   Cement production processes can be classified into two methods: wet production methods and dry production methods. It’s a more modern way. Because it uses lower heat energy. It helps to save fuel in burning better and can also control the chemical composition of cement more easily, resulting in consistent quality.

Customer Requirement

   Cement Mill Machinery: The customer wants Monitoring Planetary gear values to be within normal limits in order to monitor the machine to prevent Breakdown and wants to measure Vibration values online without having to send a team to the work site. Online Monitoring can be done.


   Are 2 methods:

      1. Install the Online Vibration – MVX system for real-time collection, which is suitable for low speed machines and has notifications via E-Mail when abnormal values occur. Special parameters such as Shock Finder index (SFx), Bearing Defect (DEF) or Envelope can be used to monitor gear and bearing damage and Accurex™ AI is available to help analyze problems.
      2. Portable Vibration – Falcon can plan measurement of each machine, from small to large, that has not yet installed the Online Vibration system to collect data for analysis for monitoring.


      • Factories reduce the problem of machine breakdowns.
      • Reduce maintenance costs
      • Helps reduce the workload of the user because it is planned systematically.
      • The production line is as targeted.

Project Details

SCG Cement Industrial

Thailand / Laos


Cement Industrial

Project Manager



Correct problem solving

The MVX system can be packaged in an easily transportable box. Conveniently transportable on-site. BNC for 8, 16, 24 or 32 channels to meet the needs of on-site inspection applications:

    • Rugged IP54 grade with in-box fan for cooling and UPS power supply.
    • Accommodates a 15-inch laptop PC.
    • Dimensions: 560 x 465 x 265 mm (22.0 x 18.3 x 10.4 inches)
    • Weight: 16 kg (30 lbs)

   The inspection case can be closed even with a computer inside. Can be used for a long time without problems During field use  One week One month | Ideal for inspecting the most complex machines. best signal Ability to process for the purpose of solving problems as directly as possible


   For good maintenance work, there must be a solution that is appropriate for the machine and work site. To create maximum efficiency in protection Then the production line will follow the factory’s goals.

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