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RT-300 – laser alignment Acoem

Until now, you have relied on multiple diagnostic tools and sensors in order to gain full insight into the reliability of your rotating equipment. This process makes it difficult to anticipate machine health issues and address them quickly. Acoem understands your need to take control of your machinery and to be able to share information..

Simplify your decision making process

. Manage all of your machines in one place
. Shorten the time between decision and action that can improve your plant performance
. Easily get remote support from remote Acoem Advisors whenever you need it
. 24/7 access to actionable data.

A new environment of possibilities
  • Accessible via any enabled device (tablet, smart phone or device)
  • Upgradable, customisable & scalable based on your needs
  • Total control over your machinery’s proactive maintenance & monitoring
  • Links vibration & alignment data to optimize maintenance process
  • Instant access to real-time-data
  • Share information instantaneously among your teams
  • Make timely and informed maintenance decisions
  • Integrated camera allows immediate image transmission
  • Maintenance reporting made easy
  • Always connected
  • Intuitive & user-friendly interface

Unboxing Laser shaft alignment RT300


Make smarter decisions.

RT-300 delivers confidence at every level.

Whether you’re a maintenance tech, reliability engineer, plant manager or manufacturing engineer, RT-300 will keep your machinery running at peak performance. RT-300 uses “guide me” technology that’s intuitive and requires little to no training so that your team members can start using the ecosystem on day one.

By taking the guesswork out of the decision-making, your team can start making smarter choices to keep machines running at optimum levels. Choose how often you want to run diagnostic tests: quarterly, monthly, weekly and if necessary, daily, so that you can keep machines running at optimum levels..


Cloud-Based Ecosystem

Making an informed decision is right at your fingertips.

All apps are connected to the ACOEM cloud, which means that you have instant access to vital information. This allows you to make faster, more-informed decisions.


Share secured data easily.

RT-300’s ecosystem of collaborative tools allows everyone who needs information to share synchronized machine setups. Whether it’s technicians on the ground, remote supervisors, or even stakeholders halfway around the world, information is just a click away.

Instantly share updates, maintenance job notifications, field info and assets setup. This means teams are constantly connected and are able to make shared decisions.

Empowered by Acoem technology

GuideU™ Intuitive Interface

GuideU™ is the next generation alignment 3D graphical user interface – our patented, customizable, icon-driven and color-coded display system makes measuring, aligning, documenting and reporting on each job simple.

Accurex™ Automatic Machine Diagnosis

Embedding Acoem 50 years of expertise in vibration analysis, Accurex™ patented AI solution provides instant results for the detection of the most common defects such as unbalance, misalignment, resonnance, bearing defects, gear defects, and more.

Self-Guided Apps

All of RT-300’s apps, tools and hardware are easy-to-use and self-guided, so teams don’t waste time setting up complicated systems. Once the device is activated, the diagnostics take care of themselves — and teams can spend their time correcting the issue, if there is one, or focusing their efforts on more critical machines.

Training Videos

All of your tablet-based display units will come preloaded with access to our how-to training videos.

Techincal Support

For technical support, please call +666-5659-9970

Laser shaft alignment RT-300

RT-300 Machine condition inspection tool New world technology
It is a One Stop Machine, complete in one machine, easy to carry, inexpensive, with service from FAADTECH.

Store the value only once and get all 3 axes.
Support cloud with intelligent AI analytics power.
Fast, instant, within 9 seconds and also helps prioritize the problem.

– Analyze machine condition well, fast, support Cloud system
– ensure safety With clear results, Accux AI helps analyze problems in detail.
– Check the readiness of the machine before maintenance. This is very important with the Pre Alignment, Laser Shaft Alignment and Vibration Analyzer and Diagnostic functions.
Compatible with all types of machines in your industry. modern update
– Maintenance engineers can use it easily through an application on their personal smartphone or iPad, even if they are not experts.
PDF report of the machine condition check and use it right away!

Price starts at only 3xx,xxx Bath.
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