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Shaft Alignment – AT100

AT-100 is an app-based alignment tool that combines integrated apps, patented technology, and easy connectivity. The AT-100 is suitable for entry-level to expert shaft alignment work, the AT-100 shaft alignment tool provides high measurement flexibility. The intuitive tool works with the shaft alignment apps on a tablet or smartphone. It is simple to use and doesn’t require any special training. The AT-100 shaft alignment solution is the result of almost 40 years of shaft alignment expertise and innovation, leveraging the latest technology to enhance your user experience.



The sensors come pre-mounted on its fixtures and pre-set to the most common setup
Digital sensor with 20 mm detector and line laser eliminates rough alignment and shorten setup time
Integrated Bluetooth for wireless communication between tablet unit and smart sensors
Task oriented Horizontal shaft alignment with mobile apps

Align with Simplicity

The AT-100 is a shaft alignment tool built by and for the user. Controlled by a rugged tablet, the system guides individuals through the alignment process with an intuitive application that couples with two wireless laser heads. Within minutes, the user can perform an alignment and save a report straight to their device.


The next generation of 3D shaft alignment graphical user interfaces provides patented, customizable, icon-driven, and color-coded displays, making it easy to measure, align, document, and report on each job. Using visual, logical, and easy-to-follow steps, GuideU™ offers precise measurement and correction values and minimizes the risk of human errors.


VertiZontal™ adaptive user interfaceautomatically indicates exactly how much you need to adjust your misaligned machine by adding or removing shims to the machine’s feet. This  removes the need to remeasure between the vertical and the horizontal phases to correct the horizontal misalignment. This industry-first function saves time and ensures accuracy with every measurement.

AT-100 Packaging & Deliverables

Each AT-100 is delivered with the following package:

  • Sensor, M8/S8
  • Rod kit NXA
  • Chain 12,7 mm 60 links (L=500 mm)
  • Tape measure 5 m
  • V-bracket complete
  • Angled universal tool – 1 pcs
  • USB-cable A-mini B 2m
  • Power supply 2 USB-ports 5 VDC

PDF report

Make your reporting process as simple as possible. The Acoem shaft alignment apps’ PDF report function provides fast and efficient on-site reporting functionality that converts saved measurement reports into PDF files, that can be shared instantly from your mobile device.


Shaft Alignment is the key to success. An industry-first technology, it features two sensors with laser beams and inclinometers that monitor both shaft positions at the same time. Even if you move the machine’s position out of the detector range or interrupt the laser beam, the smart sensors will resume with an updated machine position and always deliver live values. TrueLive™ functionality helps you save time when aligning your machinery.

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