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Particle Counter oil | Yeatake YJF 4

Particle Counter oil | Yeatake YJF 4
Used for real-time online monitoring of oil particle pollution of hydraulic systems.
For work Chemical industry, traffic, port, metallurgy, machinery, automobile manufacturing, etc.

Description :

YFJ-4 on-line particle counter sensor is developed based on the light blockage method method (photoresistance method) principle, which is used for on-line real-time monitoring of particle pollution in the oil circuit of hydraulic system. It can be widely used in aerospace, aviation, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, traffic, port, metallurgy, machinery, automobile manufacturing, etc. Detect the oil pollution of solid particle in the hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, transformer oil, insulating oil, turbine oil, turbine oil, gear oil, engine oil, kerosene, water-based hydraulic oil, and detect the particles impurities of organic liquid, polymer solution.

Detection Principle:

YFJ-4 Online oil monitoring sensor for particle count adopt light blockage method which specified by ISO4402/ISO11171 to test the oil pollution degree, which has the advantages of fast detection speed, strong anti-interference, high precision and good repeatability.

Light blockage method is show in figure 2-1. Parallel beam vertical cross the projected area named A and exposure to the photoelectric receiver, when no particles in fluid flow circuit , the output voltage is “E” ; When a particle and shadow area named “a” in the fluid and flows in the projected area , it blocked the parallel beam , the transmitted light attenuation, at this point , there is output “E。” negative pulse in the circuit:

Figue 1.1 Light blocking theory

Applications :

It can be used for oil pollution degree detection , includes hydraulic oil, aviation kerosene, lubricant oil, transformer oil( insulation oil ), steam turbine oil, gear oil, engine oil, and water-based hydraulic oil,etc.

Testing range1~100μm or 4~70μm ©
Sensitivity1μm (ISO4402) or 4μm (C) (ISO11171)
Testing ChannelBuild-in standard GJB420A-96, GJB420B-06,   NAS1638, ISO4406 standard,etc.
Particle size   range1µm,   2µm, 5µm, 10µm, 15µm, 25µm, 50µm, 100µm; 4µm(c), 4.6µm(c), 6µm(c), 10µm(c),   14µm(c), 21µm(c), 38µm(c), 70µm©
Accuracy±0.5 pollution degree
Online pressure0~10MPa; 0~40MPa (should with pressure reducing valve)
Detection flow speed50~300mL/min
Oil temperature<80℃
Environment Temperature-30℃~60℃
Storage temperature-55℃~80℃
PowerDC 9V, 1000mA
Size100mm*75mm*71mm( L * W *H )
HumidityWork under relative humidity 20%~85%, no condensation, storage humidity 98%
Interface modeStandard high pressure hose; Optional internal Dia.4mm and external Dia.6mm low pressure hose

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