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On-site oil analysis

On-Site oil Test & Analysis

Monitor your oil with CMTs Oil test kits

CMT’s oil test kit range offers all users of lubricated machinery to monitor their machinery quickly and easy and that for a bargain price. Oil test kits give you the chance to base your maintenance decisions on actual results which can be obtained in minutes - this guarantees operation critical machinery keeps running and downtimes are being avoid. Use the obtained knowledge of the oil parameters values to get insight into the condition of your machinery. Choose from a range of oil testing equipment and parameters to use either individually, or combined in an oil test kit.

Supplied ready for use from the second they arrive, CMT’s multi-parameter test kits contain all of the necessary equipment and consumable for your oil condition monitoring needs. Kits are being offered in durable aluminium cases or even in wall mounted cabinets.

  • Quick, rugged and reliable.

  • Regular use of CMT´s oil condition monitoring equipment helps avoid expensive machinery failures.

  • Results are available wherever you need them.

  • Informs the user before damages occurs.

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