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EVO laser shaft alignment

EVO laser shaft alignment

Laser shaft alignment

In today’s world, less mechanics are expected to do more and be multi-disciplined. More hands make for lighter work and the EVO, with its compact size and user friendliness, fits perfectly into this mold.

Alignment made simple, but not simpler

The EVO is all about evolved simplicity – a product without the frills and the bling bling. It stays true to our core values: simplicity, user friendliness and innovative techniques. It offers a compact display unit with a 5” color touch screen. It is slim and balanced, allowing you to hold it in one hand, leaving your other hand free to touch the screen icons and rotate the shafts.

With a clean and color coded graphic user interface, the EVO helps the maintenance professional throughout the measurement and alignment process without any hassles and stress.

EVO laser shaft alignment

Smart sensors for precision alignment

The EVO sensors have a 30 mm CCD detector. With these, you are able to obtain unparalleled repeatability together with outstanding precision alignment, regardless of ambient light and measurement environment.

Another benefit is the size of the sensors that are very compact, only 33 mm thick, and therefore easy to fit into even the tightest spaces.

VertiZontal Moves – measure once, move twice!

The VertiZontal™ Moves feature displays exactly how much a misaligned machine needs to be adjusted, by adding or removing shims to the machine’s feet. No more re-measuring between the vertical and the horizontal phases to correct the horizontal misalignment.

This industry-first function saves time and ensures accuracy the first time around.

EVO laser shaft alignment
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