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Portable Calibration Shaker AGATE | AT2050

Portable Calibration Shaker AGATE | AT2050

shaker table and vibration calibrator is a variable frequency, variable amplitude, battery operated portable shaker.

Portable Calibration Shaker AGATE | AT2050

Portable Calibration Shaker AGATE | AT2050

  Portable Calibration Shaker AGATE | AT2050  
AT-2050 was designed as a next generation portable vibration calibrator and shaker table. It is capable of providing precision calibration of a wide variety of vibration and motion sensors without the external power or meter requirements that are commonly found on other models.

The accelerometer test system supports direct input for velocity pickups, transmitters, IEPE accelerometers, piezoelectric accelerometers, both single-ended charge accelerometers and differential output charge accelerometers, piezo resistive (PR) accelerometers, and variable capacitance (VC) accelerometers. This vibration shaker table is the only calibrator capable of providing sensitivity readings directly to the user without external equipment or external charge signal converter. 

        AT-2050 vibration calibrator also features the same award winning simulation feature found on our AT-2040 model for simulation of various sensor types. This is the fastest and most efficient way to test and calibrate meters, control equipment, or cables.

  The shaker includes 8 mounting adapters consisting of, 5 threaded adapters, one adhesive mount, and two universal disc. 

        The AT-2050 shaker table includes the full automatic test mode function. In this mode, calibrations require absolutely no user interaction other than mounting the sensor and pressing “start”. Simply setup your required frequency and amplitude plot points and let AT-2050 do the work for you. Results are saved to memory and can then be exported to CSV or PDF certificate. No templates, spreadsheets, or workbooks are required.



    • Custom PC Software included to setup Full-Automatic Test Mode
    • Direct input support for IEPE, Voltage, Charge (Piezo Electric), Piezo Resistive, Variable Capacitance and Proximity Probe Sensitivity Readings.
    • Adjustable current and voltage.
    • Automatic PDF certificate generation tailored to your custom specifications
    • Export Data to CSV.
    • Connect to a PC through Wi-Fi and control the device from a remote location with VNC viewer.


AT-2050 features a built-in Vibration Signal Generator capable of producing high-accuracy electrical signals over a wide frequency and amplitude range. Designed specifically to simulate accelerometer output, the AT-2040 accelerometer calibrator features the ability to simulate current, voltage, and charge signals that precisely mimic a variety of transducers and sensors. By using the simulator signal, the operator is able to produce signals over a larger range than using the vibration shaker alone.

Simulator signal support for:

    • IEPE
    • Charge
    • 4-20ma
    • Proximity probe

Portable Calibration Shaker

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